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Our company offers crop evaluation and agronomic research through its technical expertise and available resources with our partners. We conduct field and greenhouse crop agronomy trials for industry on a fee-for-service basis. Our company has fully trained and experienced field research staff. They are skilled in operating small plot research equipment as well as maintaining green house facility to meet our client's needs. AgriClaim is keen in developing precise production system for new crops with industry partners. We explore further diversification possibilities by introducing plant with health and economic benefits.

Mobile Crop Clinic & Crop Scouting

We have professionally trained agrologist on staff and may be available on call for your crop diagnostics. Our Mobile Crop Clinic is equipped with basic crop diagnostics tools that help in taking critical decisions on time. Our agrologist is also proficient in pest identification, determining the threshold of damage or warrant a control operation.

Seed/Plant/Tissue Testing

We assist in germination, vigor, herbicide tolerance, physical and genetic purity, and GMO testing through different accredited laboratories located in the prairies. We help some of the following tests through our partners:

Seed purity: analysis of fraction of contaminants in seed samples,

Dormancy, germination & vigor test,

Germination testing in a temperature-controlled environment,

Germination in soil on treated seed,

Germination in soil tests requiring fungicide/insecticide,

Seed Health Testing and Pathology Tests: Testing of fungal diseases.

Herbicide tolerance and residual herbicide screening

Identification of specific traits